Vastra Protective Insulated Ironing Mesh for Clothes Delicate Garment Cloth Guard Home Press Mat Heat Resistant Reusable & Washable (40 x 60 cm)

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    • Afraid of delicate expensive clothes getting damaged while ironing?? Use LUKZER Mesh Ironing Cloth Guard to protect clothes from getting damaged or burned due to hot iron.
    • The revolutionary new iron cloth is nonflammable and heat resistant. Keeps the iron from directly touching clothes.
    • It avoids shine and scorching by creating a vacuum between the cloth and the garment. For best results, place over the garment, set iron to required temperature.
    • Also Protects Your Iron Plate from Zippers and Snaps. Perfect for prevent shine, burning & flattening on.
    • Easy to clean. Simply Toss It in Your Laundry to Clean. Can be re-usable & machine washable.

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