Vastra Stainless Steel Kitchen Strainer, 3 Inches Sink Drain Filter Jali, Waste Coupling (Large, Silver)


  • Widely Used: Drain Mesh strainer fits most sink drains and garbage disposal side. Outer diameter: 11cm; inner filter: 8 cm; depth: 2.54 cm; The wide rim ensures our sink stopper fits in bigger drains, it can be used for kitchen sink and bathroom to stop the rubbish.
  • Strong Durability: Made of 304 stainless steel which is non-deforming & rust-free. and is much easier to clear the debris that builds up during a washing. The flat drain stopper is too heavy to move around and shift position whenever you pour a large amount of liquid into the sink and stay anchored unless you pull it out by yourself
  • Effective Anti-Clogging: Generous capacity to retain residues without obstructing the flow of water. High-density small mesh ensures the sink stopper to collect all the food particles preventing your drain from clogging. A perfect tool to stop hair, wastepaper, food remains from creating blockage
  • Kitchen Sink Strainer: Perfect for long-lasting protection against clogging in daily utilitarian use and stop large food particles from going down the drain while still allowing the free flow of water, no more clogged sink/sewer – all small particles are stopped in the filter
  • Easy to Clean: Easy to wash with warm soapy water to keep the mirror finish shine and impeccable over time. This design is anti-clog to give you fewer problems and let you work much faster in the kitchen. Just right for washing dishes, preparing meals, cleaning foods, and much more.Dishwasher safe
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