Vastra Stainless Steel Small Net Mesh Style Easy Loose Leaves Green Tea Filter Pot Infuser Strainer


  • PERFECT FOR STEEPING LOOSE LEAF TEA – A loose Leaf Tea Infuser in basket shape made of high grade stainless steel extra-fine perforated mesh and has a sturdy clamp to lock the infuser and a chain attached to it with a hook at one end. It is the perfect and practical medium for steeping loose leaf teas.
  • PERFECTLY DESIGNED TO GET THE BEST LOOSE LEAF FLAVOUR – Loose leaf tea expands and needs lots of room when steeping. To ensure the best flavor, this infuser is large enough and allows optimal water flow. It allows the tea to fully expand and ensures that you get the true and full flavor of your favorite loose leaf teas. The lock easily clamps tight to keep the tea secure The chain helps to suspend the infuser filled with tea into the cup to make hot or cold beverage. It Is designed to fit pe
  • EASY TO USE – To use, open the infuser lid by unlocking clamp and add loose tea. Close the ball and secure the clamp properly. Add infuser to cup, along with hot water. For great tea flavor, fill the infuser just half full to allow the leaves to expand. Remove promptly when the tea has stepped to the desired strength. Tea infuser quickly unlocks the flavors of any large, medium or fine tea leaf without leaching debris into your cup.
  • Easy to clean – Hand wash recommended .Simply let the tea infuser cool, then use warm water to rinse.
  • Perfect gift – This tea basket infuser makes a perfect gift as it is an essential medium of brewing loose leaf teas for all tea lovers. Combine a pack of any loose leaf tea with a basket infuser to gift on any occasion and bring your friends and family the pleasure of brewing their first fresh steeped and infused teas.
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